About Me

When I say “About Me”, it’s always just been me, Tom Spark. And that’s what makes this site, as well as my other projects like my YouTube channel, and Best10VPN.com, that special.

And I mean that in a honest sincere non-bragging sort of way.

With other VPN review sites, it’s become the “norm” to be owned by a big VPN company or marketing company, or to own a VPN company themselves. For me, I’ve never wanted that. I work best as a lone wolf.

You can easily verify my data and metrics and opinions. If there’s a score, or a rating, you know it’s my honest opinion. I don’t do sponsored reviews, and my opinion is always 100% based on objective tests and my own opinions.

Thanks for visiting my VPN tier list. To see more content, check out my YouTube channel, or my main VPN review site, where it all started in 2015.

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