Welcome to Tom Spark’s VPN Tier list. This is every VPN I’ve ranked so far in 2019! This site has two purposes, to direct you to easily find a VPN rated by tiers, or to direct your to my comparison table that shows every score for every category for every VPN!

This Tier list is updated often, so bookmark this page!

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TIER 1: TorGuard VPN (4.91), VyprVPN (4.16), AirVPN (4.0)

TIER 2: VPNArea (3.95), Windscribe (3.83), VPNCity (3.62), PureVPN (3.58), , CactusVPN (3.58), VPN.AC(3.54), VPN Unlimited (3.5), MullvadVPN (3.33), IPVanish (3.25), Private Internet Access (3.20),  ZoogVPN (3.20), PrivateVPN (3.16), Perfect Privacy VPN(3.12), UltraVPN (3.12), FastestVPN (3.08), VeePN (3.0), Ivacy VPN (3.0).

TIER 3: Avast SecureLine VPN (2.91), SaferVPN(2.91), F-Secure FreedomVPN (2.83), TunnelBear VPN (2.75), ExpressVPN(2.33), VPNGate (2.29), Cyberghost (2.16).

TIER 4: Freedom IP VPN (1.87), NordVPN (1.58), ProtonVPN (1.37),  Surfshark VPN (1.33).

How can I find review sources for the Tom Spark VPN tier list?

You have two options. Either click above on the number associated with the name of the VPN in the tier list. Or, you can view a data table showing every score I’ve given in a neat able, with links to VPNs and the reviews.

Click the image to visit the VPN comparison table that catalogs all my current review data.

You can find how I assigned each VPN to each tier by watching their respective YouTube video! I go into good detail, but also make my videos fun and easy to watch and understand.

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Explaining the tiers in the Tom Spark VPN tier list

Tier 1: These VPNs simply excel in every single category. They have the best speeds, the best customer support, are super  cheap, have a great reputation, and have very little flaws. These VPNs can suit anyone’s needs almost perfectly.

Tier 2: These VPNs are excellent VPNs in their own right, being usable for most people. These are very usable VPNs. However most tier 2 VPNs have a few hiccups in some categories. Some are too expensive, and some have lacking customer support, or some don’t have the best track record.

Tier 3: These VPNs are VPNs that are either drastically over priced, have done some questionable things in the past, have slow speeds, questionable marketing methods, bad support, or all of the above. Don’t use these VPNs! I don’t even bother to use affiliate links for anything at or below this tier, because I don’t want any of their money!!!!

Tier 4: These VPNs are VPNs that have gone above and beyond what is expected from a VPN, but in the worst way possible! These VPNs could be dangerous for your security, push you into long commitment models you can’t get out of, advertise falsely, or just not provide anything worth using. In fact, from using some of these VPNs, my personal information as seemingly leaked onto the internet! I would rather not use a VPN than use a Tier 4 VPN.

How are these VPNs placed inside the tiers?

Each tier is 1 point. Tier 4 is 1/5, Tier 3 is 2/5, Tier 2 is 3/5, Tier 1 is 4/5, and God tier is 5/5. VPNs are broken down into 6 categories being Pricing, Application performance, VPN speeds, reputation, customer support, and extra services. Each category has a possibility of 5 points added together to create an average score. VPNs are rated from better to worst left to right in each tier.

Why make a VPN Tier list?

I’m a gamer, and I’ve always loved tier lists as easy ways to find the “best champion”. I noticed no one else had made a “VPN tier list”, so I thought, why not me?

How often do you update VPN reviews for the Tom Spark VPN Tier list?

I try to get to them when I feel they need a re-review. Usually a VPN review once a year or two years is good enough for an accurate review for the viewer. If I can’t make an entirely new VPN review, I will at least update this tier list, which is sort of the point, to have an always up-to-date VPN ranking system. VPN services can drastically change for the worse, but it is not often the case that they get too much better.

Mostly, VPN services seem to increase their prices over the years, or sometimes a huge event can influence rankings on how a VPN adapts–take for example, like Netflix blocking VPN providers in 2016, or if a VPN gets caught giving up logs like PureVPN or IPVanish.

What makes you credible to make a tier list? Why trust Tom Spark’s VPN tier list?

I have been reviewing VPNs since 2015. I have always been interested in computers, networking technology, gadgets, and software. I am by no means as knowledgeable in internet technology as a high-level network system admin, but I think my expertise lies in identifying good consumer practices. And since I have tested over 100 VPNs, I have a broad source of knowledge that is perfect for educating both experienced VPN users and new VPN users alike.

I know what it’s like to be confused about VPN, but I also know what it’s like to take advantage of advanced VPN features like VPN routers, extra VPN settings like port fowarding, dedicated IPs, Stealth VPN, and more.

I also try to make my content fun and interesting as well as educational. I think my integrity has also given me the ability to stand out in the VPN review industry, since so many have lost theirs. I am often recognized as the  “honest voice” of the VPN industry.

How do you make money from the VPN tier list?

Since I don’t take sponsorship deals, I make my money from affiliation. This means every time you click a link, and buy a service, I get a small cutback. This is pretty common in the online industry, but most websites receive both sponsorship AND affiliation. Since I only do affiliation, you can trust that all of my reviews are honest unbiased fact based content.